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Connect 2017 Tamil Nadu



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From wondering how to define ‘technology’, to realizing the mind-blowing potential technology possesses to transform our lives and work, we have definitely come a long way. Even though it is extremely easy to see how technology enables people, businesses and Governments, it is quite the opposite when it comes to predicting the future of technology.

If technology evolves so rapidly and it is also extremely difficult predicting it, how can organizations survive and adapt to these changes? With the proliferation of technology, organizations are increasingly seeing their competitor lists grow multi-fold because of two prime reasons; new entrants coming out with innovative ideas and other industries getting into each other’s line of businesses. Industries are also exploring re-skilling initiatives for their employees as newer technology means new skills. And not just organizations, Governments are also constantly on the lookout to see how best they can serve citizens and a single solution for most of the complex questions has been ‘technology’.

With citizens being termed as digizens now, Government also strongly feel the need for technology to reach out to them effectively and efficiently. Technology has now become an integral part of all our lives and we cannot possibly imagine performing most tasks without them. Without technology, we tend to become disabled and that’s an indication of the degree of interdependency between man and machine. We need to adopt technologies in the safest way possible.