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Enterprise Mobility Summit 2018



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Join us in our new initiative called “ENTERPRISE MOBILITYSUMMIT”, 4th & 5th October 2018, Mumbai, India, to find out how the time spent on the gadgets can be channelized to drive your business forward by using “MOBILE WORKFORCE”. The summit will stand apart from any other events by bringing spotlight on PRACTICAL APPROACHES to help you INTELLIGENTLY PRIORITIZE your requirements and rolling out solutions for processes and services that need it most and prevent your ROUTE TO DISASTER. The summit will also throw light on importance of SYNERGY BETWEEN VARIOUS DEPARTMENTS to reap the desired ROI. Gather with us on the platform to find a solution that MATCHES AND also MULTIPLIES with Your NEEDS.

EVENT HIGHLIGHTS (what to expect EM India 2018):

EM Models- Innovate, accelerate and discover how software will work to provide you services that can boost enterprise efficiency, flexibility and increase agility. Realize what exactly to choose- SaaS or on-premise deployment model.
EM Types - Learn various EM components like BYOD, COPE and BYOA to understand how to cut down on your operational cost.
EM apps- Understanding the scope, True Cost and Types of Applications to amplify UI and UX
End user accountability- Determine how EM technologies like MAM, UEM, EMM etc will boost employee productivity whilst maintaining “Their and your privacy”.
Tech Turbulence- How EM and other technologies like Machine Learning, IoT, Cloud, Chat bots, altogether will drive your business forward?
Customer satisfaction and behavior -Determine Analytics and Real time data control consequence on Long term growth and brand reputation and strategize your enterprise decision
Business use justification- Acquire agile enterprise by sourcing solution that are not too big for your company’s boots and thus proactively tackle churns and turns
Path towards success - Make your routes strong do your GROUNDWORK- Identify the major pitfalls and reason of failure of an EM Solutions
Workplace demographic- Hear how maintaining synergy between various departments in the Tech Turbulence Time will help you impel superlative ROI and improve operational efficiency
Seal Security Loopholes- Determining Key Internal and external Threat and solutions to Control your Entire Device Ecosystem at once by using solutions like Unified end point management, Network access control etc

For details contact Samantha - samantha@exploreexhibitions.com / +91 7022871384 

Source :exploreexhibitions.com