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Embedded Tech India Expo 2019



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The importance of embedded technology is growing continuously due to increasing computing power, ubiquitous connectivity and convergence of technology. This has resulted in hardware/software systems being embedded within everyday products. Already today 90% of computing devices are in embedded systems. The growth rate in embedded systems is more than 10% per annum and it is forecasted there will be over 40 billion devices (5 to 10 embedded devices per person on earth) worldwide by 2020. Today, 20% of the value of each car is attributed to embedded electronics and this will increase to an average of 35-50% by 2020.

The embedded systems market is driven by technological advancements, rise in installation of smart grid systems, and increase in demand from end - use industries. The rise in the commercial and industrial embedded systems has boosted the prospects of the embedded systems market worldwide.

If you want to successfully position your company in the dynamically expanding market for embedded systems, then Embedded Tech India expo 2019 is your must-do event. It's the engine of the IoT and the driving force behind Industry 4.0, the fourth industrial revolution. Make the most of the diverse opportunities offered by a cutting-edge international exhibition to showcase your brand, expertise and products.

The expo will showcase leading-edge products and solutions for embedded systems that enable smart things, smart industry, smart home, and smart cities. At the show, we will host various demonstrations that use microcontrollers, sensors, RF, power, motor-control, secure MCUs, and other solutions. Visitors can also experience a range of embedded-system developments.

Source :embeddedtechexpo.com