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Cement Industry

India, being the second largest cement producer in the world after China with a total capacity of 151.2 Million Tones (MT), has got a huge cement industry. With the government of India giving boost to various infrastructure projects, housing facilities and road networks, the cement industry in India is currently growing at an enviable pace. During September 2010, the cement production touched 12.54 million tonnes (MT), while the cement despatches quantity was 12.56 MT during the month. The total cement production during April-September 2010-11 reached 81.54 MT as compared to 77.22 MT over the corresponding period last fiscal. Further, cement despatches also witnessed an upsurge from 76.50 MT during April-September 2009-10 to 81.10 MT during April-September 2010-11.

Automation trends in the Cement Industry

Following the entry of the major players into China and India, the playing field in the cement industry has changed. A number of macro trends are forcing the industry to modernise, with localplayers, as well as foreign-owned plants, investing heavily in order to remain competitive. Driven by the standards imported by the cement multinationals, three main trends are to be observed on the marketplace: productivity, safety, and environmental responsibility. This reflects a keen desire by the cement multinationals to achieve similar productivity levels in Asia as in western plants, and to take the opportunity to improve environmental standards at some emerging market sites.